New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas

Buses And Coaches (Page Four)

Corgi MCW Orion (BMMO) (Chesterfield Transport) ((Holymoorside) (26) (W 210) (Chesterfield Corporation Transport) (Thornfield Depot., Sheffield Road, Chesterfield) (E. Deakin A.M. Inst. T) (To Seat 59 Passengers ((33 Upper Saloon) (26 Lower Saloon)) (Speed : 30 MPH) (U.W. 6141)) (Green, White, Gold, Red And Black) (The Original Omnibus Company) (Limited Edition 1:76 Scale Collectables) (40901) (0 32435 40901 1)
Exclusive First Editions AEC Duple Halfcab Coach (Eastern Belle) (25303) (Blue, White, Red, Orange, Silver And Black) (1:76 Scale) (Precision Die Cast Model With Plastic Parts)
C’sm Blue, White, Black, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Grey And Green Bus (Take The Lead To Keep Hong Kong Clean) (399) (LV59) (PLU 268) (0 32457 80268 5) (1:76 Die Cast Model) (C’sm Collector’s Model)
Corgi Leyland Olympian/ECW PMT (1998 Centenary) (Potter’s (1898 – 1998)) (Bus Operators In Britain) (First) (Yellow, Red, Black And Beige) (0 32435 43010 7) (1999 (2 Point) (42910)) (Limited Edition (No. 990 Of Only 4,000 Produced) (The Original Omnibus Company) (First (PMT)) (X39 (Alton Towers))
Corgi Burlingham Seagull (Wallace Arnold Tours Limited) (Switzerland) (White, Red, Black, White And Silver Bus)) (1:76 Scale Collectables) (Limited Edition (No. 8,722 Of Only 9,200 Produced)) (The Original Omnibus Company) (40301) (0 32435 40301 9)
Atlas Editions London Transport RTW Double Decker (Great British Buses) (Jacob’s Cream Crackers (Original And Best) (22 (Hyde Park Corner, Slone Square, Chelsea, Parson’s Green And Putney Bridge) (London Transport) (Chelsea) (World’s End) (Watch Your Step) (KGK 575) (Catch A Bus, Go To The Cinema) (Go To The Cinema, Catch A Bus)) (Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, Silver And Clear) ((Die Cast 1:76 Scale Replica) (0982489) (Atlas Editions)) (4 655 101)
Exclusive First Editions Bristol MW Coach (Royal Blue) (Dark Blue, White, Yellow And Light Blue) (16216) (1:76 Scale Precision Die Cast Models With Plastic Parts) (5 023219 162166) (Gilbow (Holdings Ltd.))
Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Beige And Black Leyland Bus (You Can Be Sure Of Shell) (329) (Harlow Bus Stn.) (Midland (The Listening Bank)) (London Country))
The Original Omnibus Company AEC 4Q4 Single Deck Bus (London Passenger Transport Board (Wartime)) ((London Transport) (Q43B)) (Black, Green, White And Gold) (Limited Edition (No. 3,389 Of Only 6,600 Produced))
Exclusive First Editions Leyland PD1 Highbridge (Southdown) (15910) (Green, White, Yellow, Black And Silver) ((Tamplin’s Sussex Bitter (Southdown)) (1:76 Scale Precision Die Cast Models With Plastic Parts) (5 023219 159104) (2235721)
MCW Orion ((A.1. Service) (A1) (16) (To Seat 64) (35 Upper) (28 Lower) (Kilmarnock)) (Blue, White, Red, Silver, Gold And Black)