New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas


For more than one hundred years there has been a need for motorised military vehicles.

One of the best known of these vehicles is the tank. The tank first saw service in World War I but these tanks were slow, hard to manoeuvre and could be as dangerous to their own crew as it was to their enemy.

With the outbreak of World War II there was much progress in three key areas which were the protection of the crew with thicker sloping armour, the longer main armament for greater range and penetration and improved engines which were capable of higher speeds and had greater range.

Tanks of recent times have very advanced weaponry, protection and performance but can still be very vulnerable to modern weapon systems.

All these armoured vehicles are only as good as their supply lines which normally consist of trucks, armoured cars, jeeps and halftracks many of which are also available as collectors models.

We have a selection of various military vehicles in stock with vehicles suitable for collectors, war gamers and diorama makers.
T-55A (Polish Army) (Prague (Czechoslovakia)) (1968)
American Bradley APC
AMX-30 (501ème RCC) (France) (1982)
British Churchill MK.VII (6th Guards Tank Brigade) (Normandie (France)) (1944)
Schwerer Panzerpähwagen (Sd.Kfz. 231) (4. Pz. Div.) (Warsaw (Poland)) (1939)
Skybirds Petrol Tanker (Esso)
Skybirds General Service Lorry
Skybirds Barrage Ballon Lorry And Trailer With Gas Cylinders
Panzerstahl Ltd. 8.8 Cm Flak 18 ((Unidentified Unit) (Russia) (Winter 1941 – 1942)) (Panzerstahl) (1:72 Scale) (Item No. 88044) (4 260191 520442)
Dinky Toys Volkswagen KDF (1967 – 1969)
Corgi Toys Tiger I Tank (1/50) (The Model Was Made In 1973)
Somua S35 (1ere DLM) (Saint-Ouen (France)) (1940)
Oxford Olive Drab 40mm Bofors Gun (Batch : 52979) (5 055530 10866) (Code : 76BF002) (1:76 Scale) (Oxford Military)
Military Lorry (LS295016)
Matchbox Y-13 ((1918 Crossley RAF Tender (RAF)) (Matchbox (Models Of Yesteryear)))
Armoured Personel Carrier (U.S.) (USMC 321145) (Metal (Collection Armour)) (1/72) (Die Cast 1/72)
Solido GMC 353 ‘Leroi’ (U.S.) (44/94) (Limited Edition Authentic Replica) (50th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of France And North-Western Europe (1944 – 1994)) (3 467304 494329) (449432)
6049 (Solido Jeep (U.S.)) (Les Militaires Collection I) (Lonsdale) (3 274110 060019)
Dragon Models Ltd. M6 Bradley Linebacker (Air Defense Vehicle) (With Diorama Base) (C ‘Combat’ Troop (5 – 7 CAV) (42nd Infantry Division OIF III (2005))) (Dragon Armor) (Item No. : 60401) (1:72 Scale) (0 89195 60401 9)
Oxford RAF Land Rover 80″ Canvas (Code : LAN180004) (5 060095 685990) (Roadshow Oxford)