New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas


We always have a range of commercial trucks of different scales in stock, including vintage steam trucks from the early years of trucks, classic trucks of the fifties and sixties and the latest high-power rigs of today.

We also have a few racing trucks available.
Corgi Classics 17701 (2 Scammel Constructors And A 24 Wheel Low Loader Set (Pickford’s) (Corgi Classics) (Heavy Haulage) (Detailed Scale Model For The Adult Collector) (Incudes Numbered Limited Edition Certificate) (0 32435 17701 9) (1 1)
17601 (Hills Of Botley (Scammell Constructor And 24 Wheel Low Loader) (Hill Betley 2343)) (Heavy Haulage) (0 32435 17601 2) (Corgi Classics)
Corgi Foden Tanker (Tate And Lyle Suger Refiners) And Bedford O Series (Tate And Lyle Sugar Refiners) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (Limited Edition (No. 5,996 Of Only 7,740 Produced)) (97781) (0 32435 97781 7)
21001 (Corgi White Horse (Albion Clydesdale Platform Lorry)) (White Horse Whisky) (Scale 1:50) (Corgi Classics (Whisky Collection)) (0 32435 21001 3) (Limited Edition No. 2,759 Of Only 4,300 Produced)
CC12803 (Corgi Scania T Bulk Tipper (Maguires Of Cheltnham) (Limited Edition Collectables) (1:50 Scale) (Scania 4-Series) (8 07903 12803 5)
Corgi Kenworth W925 Semi Box Container (Navajo (Tare Wt. 10,500) (Albuquerque, N.M.) (ICC MC 76032) (Calif 19-4486) (N.M. SCC)) Lorry (Limited Edition (No. 1530 Of Only 2,100 Produced)) (Freight) (1:50 Scale) (Corgi Classics) (Die Cast Model Replicas) (Premier Models) (Collectable Die Cast Repicas) (Highly Detailed Die Cast Models For The Adult Collector) (55802) (0 32435 55802 3)
Coca-Cola ((Serve) (Drink Coca Cola At Home) (Drink Coca Cola)) (Red, Beige And Black) (1:64 Scale) (Die Cast Metal) (CV-103) (8 711159 050236) (C02011)
Edocar Drink Coca Cola (Delicious And Refreshing) (Coca Cola ((50th Anniversary) (1886 – 1936))) (Yellow, Red, White, Beige, Clear And Black) (1:64 Scale) (Die Cast Metal) (Coke (Brand Die Cast Vintage Collectables)) (CV-104) (C02021) (8 711159 050243)

Lledo Commer Dropside (Carlsberg) (Green, Brown, Black, White And Grey) (VA16000 (Carlsberg)) (1:64 Scale) (Vanguards) (1950s – 1960s Classic Commercial Vehicles) (Precision Die Cast Replica) (0 80577 10031 0)

Corgi Leyand DAF 85 Series ((James Irlam And Sons Ltd.) (Haulage, Storage And Distribution) (Irlam) (G1263) (T258)) (Red, White, Yellow, Silver And Black) (Modern Trucks (A New Era Of Road Transport) (0 32435 75401 2) (75401)
Lledo Scammell Six Wheeler (Biddall’s Fun Fair (John Biddalls) (Continental Fun Fair) (It’s Bang! Up To Date)) (White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Yellow And Black) (Limited Edition) (The Showman’s Collection) (OO Scale) (Days Gone (Vintage Lledo Models)) (DG044034) (0 80577 02045 8)
Corgi Leyland Super Comet Platform Lorry ((Holt Lane Transport) (BICC) (Hot Lane Transport (Whiston Ltd., Prescot) (Leyland)) (Detailed Scale Model For The Adult Collector) (Includes Numbered Limited Edition Certificate) (Corgi Classics) (25301) (0 32435 25301 0)