New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas

Buses And Coaches

These vehicles are some of the most colourful on the roads especially those of the past before nationalisation and mergers.

There are many different types to collect, which look impressive when displayed together.

These include single-deckers, double-deckers, trolley buses and coaches of all eras and scales.
Krupp Titan O80 (Senior ‘Luxus’) Coach
Saurer L4C Coach
Atlas Allander Travel (Bova Futura) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 116) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas Midland Red (BMMO) (C5) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 102) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas Samuel Ledgard (Plaxton Panorama) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 110) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas King’s Ferry (Van Hool) (T9) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 104) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas Wallace Arnold (Bedford Val) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 101) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas York Pullman (Van Hool) (T8) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 109) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas Tras Peak (Plaxton Premiere) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 103) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas Ron W Dew (Bedford OB) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 114) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Atlas JT Whittle And Son (Burlington Seagull) (Atlas Editions Collections) (4642 112) (Classic Coaches Collection)
Corgi Routemaster (London Crusader) (479) (White, Green, Black And Silver) (52027) (REF AA)


Corgi Open Top Regent Set (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (Red, White, Black And Chrome Bus (12 Paignton) And Blue, White, Black And Chrome Bus (Seafront)) (Limited Edition (No. 3,210 Of Only 5,000 Produced)) (81931)


Corgi Bedford OB, Leyland Tiger (Red, Cream, Black And Silver (Premier) (Watford) Bus And Red, Cream, Black And Silver (Premier) (Brighton) Bus) And 1933 Programme (70th Anniversary Premier Omnibus Set) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (97079) (Limited Edition (No. 2,103 Of Only 5,240 Produced)) (81877)
Corgi The South Wales Bedford OB Coach And The AEC Regal (Includes Replica Timetable) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (Limited Edition (No. 6,508 Of Only 7,500 Produced)) (81523) (South Wales Set) (97075)
Corgi The Provincial Set (Gosport And Fareham (AEC Regal And AEC Bus) (Contains Replica 1949 Timetable) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (Provincial (Gosport Ferry) (35) (Whitbread Trophy) (Green, Silver, White And Black) Bus And Private (Provincial) (66) (Green, White, Black And Silver Bus) (Limited Edition (No. 5,926 Of 8,000 Produced)) (81369)
Corgi Burlingham Seagull (Ribble) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (97173) (Red And Cream) (Limited Edition (No. 4,168 Of Only 6,706 Produced) (81895)

Corgi AEC Regal (Eastern Counties) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (98161) (Red, Cream, Black And Silver) (Limited Edition (No. 4,765 Of Only 14,000 Produced)) (81814)

Corgi Timpsons (AEC Regal Coach) (97181)
Corgi Guy Arab (London Transport) (175 (Dagenham) (Black And White Scotch Whisky)) (Red, White, Silver And Black Bus) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (97203)
Corgi Leyland Tiger (Maypole) (Maypole Coaches) (Green, White, Silver And Black) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (97210) (Limited Edition (No. 312 Of Only 12,000 Produced)) (81726)
Corgi The Ribble (Leyland Tiger) (Ribble) (Limited Edition (No. 3,752 Of Only 9,500 Produced)) (Leyand Tiger (Ribble)) (81563)