New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas


Our models are selected primarily for their condition with most in original packaging and normally in near perfect condition.

We also sell some loose items.

1:18 And 1:24 Replica Models :

1:18 And 1:24 Scale Replica Models are generally the largest we stock.

They are generally well detailed and are aimed at adult collectors.

Some are American muscle cars as the larger scales are more popular in the U.S.A..

Aircraft :

Powered flight started at the beginning of the 20th century but it was warfare that pushed the boundaries as more speed, more power and better weapons were needed.

After World War I, these advances led to commercial flight but just for the rich at first.

It was not until long after World War II that commercial flight became available more widely.

Modern passenger aircraft carry large numbers of passengers all over the world.

Military aircraft have come a long way also (mainly due to the use of the jet engine and aircraft carriers which can transport fire power anywhere in the world at short notice).

Most aircraft models we stock are military aircraft from World War II but we often have other military aircraft and other commercial aircraft in stock.

Breakdown Vehicles :

One famous breakdown service is the AA (Automobile Association) which has been around nearly as long as the car itself.

In the early days breakdown services mainly used bicycles and motorcycles which were replaced in 1968 by branded petrol vans.

Another famous breakdown recovery service is the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) which was formed in 1897.

Some of the most colourful and longest breakdown vehicles are from the U.S.A..

Breakdown vehicles are interesting model vehicles to collect.

Buses And Coaches :

These vehicles are some of the most colourful on the roads especially those of the past before nationalisation and mergers.

There are many different types to collect, which look impressive when displayed together.

These include single-deckers, double-deckers, trolley buses and coaches of all eras and scales.

Circus :

The first circuses date back to Ancient Rome, circus being the Latin word for circle.

European circuses traditionally have used animals, such as horses and elephants, whereas Chinese and African circuses which feature more acrobatic acts.

Circuses and traveling fairs have always needed transportation as a massive amount of equipment must be transported from town to town for each performance.

In the U.S.A., where massive distances are involved special railway trains have been used, but in Europe road transport is well suited.

This started with horse and carts, growing to long trains of brightly coloured trucks, caravans and lorries in many liveries and styles making them perfect for model collectors.

Eddie Stobart :

Eddie Stobart is one of the best known name in the haulage industry.

In 1960, The first truck owned by Eddie was actually painted red.

In 1970 that the present green lively was adopted by Eddie Stobart.

The business was sold in 2014.

Today the business operates around 2,700 vehicles of various types.

Emergency Vehicles :

Many reproduction models of fire vehicles have been reproduced over the decades, from vintage horse drawn wagons to the latest airport appliances.

They are very popular to collect due to their variety and bright colour schemes.

Farming :

We always try to keep a range of farm equipment models in stock as we know many people love to collect them.

Ford, John Deere and Massey Ferguson are some of the most popular brands.

Most models we have would be tractors but we also have other farm equipment models in stock now and again.

Figures :

Del Prado Figures are a collection of hand painted die cast metal figures and each figure that is on foot is seven centimetres in height (1:32 Scale).

Production of lead soldiers ceased in 1966.

W. Britan started production of toys in 1893 and is another well known manufacturer of model soldiers.

These model soldiers feature great quality, authenticity and detail.

All our figures are die cast metal and hand painted.

Most of our figures are 1:32 scale.

Our figures cover most of the conflicts that occurred between the eighteenth century and twentieth century.

Our figures are miniature works of art.

From The Movies :

This category speaks for itself because cars have been stars of many films and TV shows.

Not everyone likes the same type of movie or TV series but we have a selection of models from a verity of films and TV series to choose from.

If you are a fan of classic comedy movies and TV shows we have a selection of models to choose from (including Del Boy’s yellow Reliant Regal and Ford Capri Ghia and Mr. Bean’s Mini).

We also have a selection of other vehicles from a verity of other movies and TV shows.

Guinness :

Guinness started production at Saint James’s Gate Dublin in 1759, producing their famous Irish dry stout and the company has grown into one of the world’s most successful alcohol brands. Most of our diecast Guinness vehicles are produced by Corgi, from very early steam powered vehicles to the more recent vehicles.

Some vehicles appear in the traditional Guinness blue whilst other vehicles have the more recent black livery. Trucks, vans and buses are available with the past and present dual box sets which are always very popular.

Military :

For more than one hundred years there has been a need for motorised military vehicles.

One of the best known of these vehicles is the tank. The tank first saw service in World War I but these tanks were slow, hard to manoeuvre and could be as dangerous to their own crew as it was to their enemy.

With the outbreak of World War II there was much progress in three key areas which were the protection of the crew with thicker sloping armour, the longer main armament for greater range and penetration and improved engines which were capable of higher speeds and had greater range.

Tanks of recent times have very advanced weaponry, protection and performance but can still be very vulnerable to modern weapon systems.

All these armoured vehicles are only as good as their supply lines which normally consist of trucks, armoured cars, jeeps and halftracks many of which are also available as collectors models.
We have a selection of various military vehicles in stock with vehicles suitable for collectors, war gamers and diorama makers.

Model Kits :

Plastic model kits come in many different scales.

The categories of model kits that there are aircraft model kits, military model kits, model kits of ships and model kits of cars.

There are also some other types of model kits.

We always have a few model kits available.

Motorcycles :

The first powered motorcycle was invented in Germany in the 1880s but improvements were made in France, the U.K. and the U.S.A.. By the 1920s motorcycles had become very popular both as a means of transport and in racing. One of the biggest rivalries was between Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles.

Right through until the 1950s and 1960s the motorcycle was the dominant form of road transport. During the 1960s Japanese bikes were launched onto the market with improved reliability making them very popular in some markets. Moto GP, TT and Speedway are popular variants of motorcycle racing. We do not keep large stocks of motorcycle models in stock, but we always have a few road and racing bikes available.

New Products :

We mainly stock classic and vintage models.

We also supply new model cars (mainly to order for our customers personal collections).

OO Scale Rolling Stock :

Although we specialise in die cast model vehicles we also stock some OO Gauge Engines.

Among these engines there are a selection of steam engines, diesel engines and electric engines.

We also stock a variety of coaches and wagons.

Plant And Machinery :

The definition of plant and machinery is equipment that keeps a business running.

For us, this category represents the various vehicles used on building sites and during road works.

Examples of such vehicles are excavators, dumper trucks, dozers and loaders.

There is a wide verity of such vehicles so such vehicles are interesting models to collect.

Racing Cars :

If you love the excitement of the track then this category is for you.

We have Formula One models from the early years when drivers were risking their lives at every turn to the high-tech sport that Formula One has become today.

We also have rally car models (including Ford Escorts, Audi Quattros, Subaru Imprezas, Toyota Celicas and a selection of Lancias).

We also have a wide selection of other models from the world of racing cars (including Touring Cars and 24H Le Mans cars).

Railway :

The history of the railway goes back even further into the mists of time than motorised road transport with its Golden days being in the 1920s and 1930s, long before all the various small branch lines were closed and the various small railway companies merged.

Most of the models we sell are from the steam era and are generally in OO scale.

Road Cars :

Whether your passion is for modern Ferraris, 1930s MGs, 1960s Minis or maybe just a car that you or your parents used to own then this category is for you.

Some road cars have become iconic because of their rarity and other cars have become well loved by their owners due to their character.

Retro Metal Signs :

We offer a selection of 30cm x 20cm metal signs that can displayed in many places (for example at home, in a bar, in a garage or in a man cave).

They make an unusual present.

Road Steam Engines :

Steam powered traction engines are powerful road-going and agricultural vehicles, which were in use up until the 1930s.

They had many uses including the transportation of goods, roadworks and harvesting in the fields.

They take a lot of maintenance but are very popular with enthusiasts due to their individual personalities and bright colour schemes.

We have a range of steam engine models in stock.

These models are mainly from the ‘Corgi Celebrating The Vintage Glory Of Steam’ Range and are superb reproductions in 1/50 scale.

Tankers :

Since the early days of transport there has been a need to carry bulk liquids and chemicals.

Some of these bulk liquids could be transported in churns on flat bed lorries but for bulk loads something more specialised was required.

Tank trucks date back to 1914 at least so there is a great variety to collect.

Taxis :

Taxis have been around since the seventeenth century.

The first taxis were horse drawn carriages.

In 1887, the first gas powered taxi cab with a meter arrived.

The most famous taxis are the London Taxi which is normally coloured black and the New York Cabs which are normally coloured yellow.

There are many interesting taxi models to collect.

Trucks :

We always have a range of commercial trucks of different scales in stock, including vintage steam trucks from the early years of trucks, classic trucks of the fifties and sixties and the latest high-power rigs of today.

We also have a few racing trucks available.

Vans :

Small commercial vehicles have always been some of the most popular models since the early days which is due to their colourful signwriting and famous brands (including Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Guinness, Jameson Whisky, Texico, Kodak and a verity of other brands).

We stock many of these models from manufacturers such as Ledo, Days Gone By, Vanguards and Matchbox Yesteryear.