New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas

Breakdown Vehicles

One famous breakdown service is the AA (Automobile Association) which has been around nearly as long as the car itself.

In the early days breakdown services mainly used bicycles and motorcycles which were replaced in 1968 by branded petrol vans.

Another famous breakdown recovery service is the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) which was formed in 1897.

Some of the most colourful and longest breakdown vehicles are from the U.S.A..

Breakdown vehicles are interesting model vehicles to collect.
Corgi Classics Scammell Highwayman Crane (Pickfords) (Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Black And Silver) (M2362) (97368) (0 74299 97368 0)
Corgi Morris Mini Van ((Radio) (RAC) (Rescue) (Radio Services Centre)) (Corgi Classics) (Limited Edition) (Blue, White, Silver And Black)
Corgi Bedford CA Van ((Road) (AA) (Service)) (Corgi Classics) (Limited Edition) (Black, Silver And Yellow)
Corgi Bedford CA Van RAC ((Radio) (RAC) (Rescue) (Royal Automobile Club)) (Corgi Classics) (Limited Edition) (Blue, White, Silver And Black)