New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas

Emergency Vehicles

Many reproduction models of fire vehicles have been reproduced over the decades, from vintage horse drawn wagons to the latest airport appliances.

They are very popular to collect due to their variety and bright colour schemes.
Fiat 508 C Berlina 1100 (HP 32) (1937 - 1939) (Serie Oro) (Fire Men)
Brumm Fiat 508 C Berlina 1100 (HP 32) (1937 – 1939) (Serie Oro) (Fire Men)
4144 103 (Atlas Leyland TLM (L.C.C. London Fire Brigade (61))) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144108 (Atlas Scania Fire Engine (Ariel Rescue Pump) (Fife Fire And Rescue Service)) (Editions Atlas Collections) (4144108))
4144112 (Atlas Bedford TK Fire Appliance (Llanidloes)) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144 106 (Atlas Dennis F106 (London Fire Brigade) (J25) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144 104 (7147 003) (Atlas Dennis F 12 (Suffock And Ipswich Fire Service)) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144110 (Atlas MAN Pump Ladder (Fire And Rescue)) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144 117 (Atlas Dennis RS (Fire And Rescue) (Burmham On Crouch)) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144115 (Atlas Scania CP28 Pump Ladder (Drive To …. Arrive …. Alive!) (Seat Belts Save Lives) (Hertfordshire Fire And Rescue Service) (Working To Protect) (Acting To Save) (Watford)) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144 101 (Atlas AEC Regent III (London Fire Brigade)) (Editions Atlas Collections)
4144 102 (Atlas Bedford RLHZ Green Goddess ((Mobile Fire Column) (Home Office Fire Service Training Centre) (T.C.Q. U.W. 532))) (Editions Atlas Collections))
Atlas Jaguar Mk. II (Bedfordshire Police) (Best Of British Police Cars) (1:43 Scale) (Atlas Editions) (4 650 101)
Brumm Fiat 500 C Topolino (HP 16.5) (1949 – 1955) (Fire Men) (R24) (Serie Oro)
Matchbox 1920 Rolls Royce Fire Engine (Borough Green And District) (Y-6) (Models Of Yesteryear)
Brumm Fiat 500 C Topline (HP 16.5) (Fire Men) (1949 – 1955) (R24) (Serie Oro)
VAO6401 (Lledo Vauxhall Velox PA (Stockport Borough Police)) (Scale 1:43) (Limited Edition) (Vanguards (Precision Die Cast Model Replica)) (0 80577 06401 8)
Lledo VA06602 (Vanguards) (Ford Transit Van Mk. I) (Lancashire Accident Unit) (Police) (Lancashire Constabuary) (Limited Edition) (Vanguards (Precision Die-Cast Replica)) (Scale 1:43) (0 80577 06602 9)
Vitesse Morris Mini Minor 1960 (Metropolitan Police) (White, Black, Red, Blue And Silver) (Limited Edition (1,683 Of 5,000)) (L009) (5 601673 000905)
Del Prado 2004 Ford Excursion ((Fire) (Excursion) (E.D.N.Y.)) (1:50 Scale Model)
Del Prado 1997 VSR Dodge Traderman 300 (Stad Menen) (Orange, White, Blue, Silver And Black) (1:43)
4Everyware Stocklots NMR-20 (RA3-69) (RA3) (Red, Black, Silver And White)
Del Prado 1992 Super Fighter 327 ((700) (327)) (Red, Silver, Black And White) (1:87)
Del Prado 1980 Peugeot J7 (‘VSAB’) ((Voiture De Secours D’Urgence) (Aux Asphyxies Et Blesses) (Service Departmental D’Incendie Et De Secours De La Dordogne)) (1:43) (White, Red, Black And Silver)
Del Prado 1986 CCFlacmat (6X6) ((Centre De Seccours) (Cernay)) (1:57 Scale Model) (Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Grey And Black)
Del Prado Autopompe Dong Feng (1:72 Scale Model) (Red, Black, Silver And Grey)
Fire Engines