New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas

Buses And Coaches (Page Five)

Van Hool Alizee (Dorchester) ((Dorchester Coachways) (Poole Speedway) (To Hire) (9001) (Emergancy Exit) (Emergany Pull To Open) (GB)) (Orange, White, Red, Black And Red)
Drumwell Ltd. / Cars Workshop Trading Company Limited Dennis Condor (11 m Air Conditioned) ((Air Conditioned Bus) (DA2) (China Motor Bus) (104) (Kennedy Town) (Emergany Exit) (To Open) (Dennis)) (Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Purple, Brown And Silver) (38601) (1/76 Scale Collectables) (Cars Workshop) (Dennis (Limited Edition (No. 951 Of Only 2,800 Produced)))
Exclusive First Edition Wright’s Scania Axcess (Eastern Counties) (Park And Ride) ((506) (Park And Ride) (In Emergancy Push To Open) (First Eastern Counties Busses Ltd., Rouen House, Rowen Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1RB) (U.L.W. 10,300 Kgs) (551) (Postwick) (Park And Ride)) (Green, Grey, White, Yellow, Black, Silver, Blue And Orange) (27503) (De-regulation) (1:76 Scale Precision Die Cast Models With Plastic Parts) (5 023219 275033) (2235721)
Corgi Leyland Bus ((The Royal Bank Of Scotland) (Where People Matter) (Metrobus) (61 (Chislehurst) (Orpington Locks Bottom) (CIS (Co-operative Insurance)) (Blue, White, Black, Blue, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Grey And Red)
Exclusive First Editions Bristol MW Coach ((Bristol Greyhound) (2113) (Bristol Omibus Ltd., 1 – 3 St. Augustine’s Place) (U.W. 1.2.2)) (Red, Black, Green And White) (16201) (1:76 Scale (Suitible For OO Gauge) (Precision Die Cast Models With Plastic Parts) (5 023219 162012)
Corgi Classics Limited Leyland PD2 (Portsmouth) (The Original Omnibus Company) ((Try Ty Phoo Tea) (It Goes Further) (Eastney) (Milton ‘White House’) (Eastern Road) (88) (H) (Eastney Esplande)) (Red, White, Blue, Grey, Black And Gold) (Limited Edition 1:76 Scale Collectables) (41102) (0 32435 41102 1)
Exclusive First Editions Yelloways Harrington Cavalier ((Emergency Door) (Yelloway Motor Service) (Fuel)) (Red, Beige, Yellow, Gold And Black) (11902) (Precision Die Cast Model) (Precision Die Cast Model) (Suitable For OO And HO Gauge (1:76 Scale))
Corgi Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Black, Grey And Orange Bus ((The King’s Ferry Of Gillingham) (Neoplan) (P. O’Neill, Pump Lane, Gillingham, Kent) (U.W. 15008 Kgs To Seat 48 Passengers) (4.26)) (The Original Omnibus Company) (Limited Edition 1:76 Scale Collectables)
Corgi The Provincial Set (Gosport And Fareham (AEC Regal And AEC Bus) (Contains Replica 1949 Timetable) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (Provincial (Gosport Ferry) (35) (Whitbread Trophy) (Green, Silver, White And Black) Bus And Private (Provincial) (66) (Green, White, Black And Silver Bus) (Limited Edition (No. 5,926 Of 8,000 Produced)) (81369)
Corgi Guy Arab (London Transport) (145 (Dagenham) (Black And White Scotch Whisky)) (Red, White, Silver And Black Bus) (Classic Commercials From Corgi) (97203)