New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas

Circus (Page Six)

The first circuses date back to Ancient Rome, circus being the Latin word for circle.

European circuses traditionally have used animals, such as horses and elephants, whereas Chinese and African circuses which feature more acrobatic acts.

Circuses and traveling fairs have always needed transportation as a massive amount of equipment must be transported from town to town for each performance.

In the U.S.A., where massive distances are involved special railway trains have been used, but in Europe road transport is well suited.

This started with horse and carts, growing to long trains of brightly coloured trucks, caravans and lorries in many liveries and styles making them perfect for model collectors.
Corgi Foden Closed Pole Truck With Caravan ((Chipperfield’s Circus) (Europe’s Largest) (Chipperfield’s Circus And Menagerie) (£40.000 Big Top) (Europe’s Largest Seating 6,000) (Over 200 Animals) (Including Elephants) (£150.000 Programme) (See The Chipperfield City) (Dicke Chipperfield) (15 Year Old Wonder Boy Of The Circus Ring Presents Europe’s Greatest Elephant Heard) (Ricardo Presents The Nubion Lions) (Chako The Ape) (Almost Human) (Cheeky Chimps (Full Of Tricks) (4 Derno) (High Trapeze Thrills) (Star Of The Stage And Televison) (Fred Emney) (As The World’s Greatest Ringmasater) (5 Bisinis) (Spectacular Cycle Act) (3 Paulos) (Polar And Brown Bears) (Grimble And Co.) (New Clowns) (4 Shire Carthorses) (‘Gina’) (Poodle And Pony Revue) (Dublin)) (Yellow, Red, Black, White, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black, Blue And Beige) (Contains Two Die Cast Models) (Includes One Replica Poster) (0 74299 97888 3) (97888) (Corgi Classics) (Contains Three Die Cast Models) ((Corgi Presents The One And Only Chipperfield’s Circus) (Traditional Family Circus) (International All Star Spectacular) (’94 / ’95 Season) (Leicester) (Daily At 4-45 And 7-45) (Book Now!)) (Limited Edition (No. 1944 Of 12,500 Produced))