New And Vintage Model Vehicle Replicas


Guinness started production at Saint James’s Gate Dublin in 1759, producing their famous Irish dry stout and the company has grown into one of the world’s most successful alcohol brands.

Most of our diecast Guinness vehicles are produced by Corgi, from very early steam powered vehicles to the more recent vehicles.

Some vehicles appear in the traditional Guinness blue whilst other vehicles have the more recent black livery.

Trucks, vans and buses are available with the past and present dual box sets which are always very popular.
Guinness Lorry
Guinness Lorry
Guinness Lorry
Corgi Leyland Beaver Platform Lorry With Trailer And Transportable Tanks (Guinness) (Limited Edition Collectables)
Corgi ARC Ergonomic (Guinness) (21101) (Limited Edition) (1:50 Scale)
Corgi Leyland Octopus With Container (Guinness) (23701) (Limited Edition) (1:50 Scale) (Limited Edition)
Corgi Bedford C.A. (Guinness) And Mini Van (Guinness) (080008) (Limited Edition) (1:43 Scale)
67303 (Corgi Austin A35 Van (Guinness)) (Corgi Collector Club) (1999 Exclusive Model)