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Aircraft (Page Two)

Powered flight started at the beginning of the 20th century but it was warfare that pushed the boundaries as more speed, more power and better weapons were needed.

After World War I, these advances led to commercial flight but just for the rich at first.

It was not until long after World War II that commercial flight became available more widely.

Modern passenger aircraft carry large numbers of passengers all over the world.

Military aircraft have come a long way also (mainly due to the use of the jet engine and aircraft carriers which can transport fire power anywhere in the world at short notice).

Most aircraft models we stock are military aircraft from World War II but we often have other military aircraft and other commercial aircraft in stock.
Corgi Classics The Aviation Archive (Frontier Airliners) (Avro York (BOAC)) (Black, White, Red, Blue And Grey)
(0 32435 47202 2) (Scale 1:144) (Limited Edition) (1st Issue)
Corgi Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter (‘Angel Of Deliverance’) (Red, Blue, Silver And Yellow) (United States Air Force) (Limited Edition) (AA31002) (The Aviation Archive) (Military Air Power (Modern Era (1945 – 1970))) (A Detailed Die Cast Model For The Adult Collector) (1:144 Scale) (Wingspan 298 Mm) (8 07903 31002 7)
Corgi Lockheed Constellation (Pan Am) ((NC86520) (PAA) (Pan American World Airways)) (Charting The Course Of Aviation History) (The Aviation Archive) (Frontier Airliners) (1st Issue) (Detailed Die Cast Models For The Adult Collector) (1:144 Scale) (47508) (0 32435 47508 5)
Corgi De Havilland Comet 4B (BEA Airtours) ((G-APMC) (BEA Airtours)) (Red, White, Blue, Black And Silver) (The Aviation Archive) (Classic Jetliners) (Limited Edition) (Detailed Die Cast Models For The Adult Collector) (1:144 Scale) (48506) (0 32435 48506 0) (157451) (114 27)
Corgi The Aviation Archive (Military) (Boeing C-97A Stratofreighter) (Military Air Transport Services) ((Military Transport Services) (MATS) (8406) (Pacific Dustin)) (Silver, Yellow, Black, White And Blue) (Scale 1:144) (48104) (Limited Edition) (MATS)
Corgi Boeing 707-327C (Braniff International Airways) ((N7099) (Braniff International) (BI)) (With Replica Steps) (Blue, White, Red, Silver And Grey) (Classic Jetliners) (The Aviation Archive) (The Authorised Civil And Military Aviation Collection) (8 07903 32904 3) (1:144 Scale) (AA32904) (Limited Edition) (Scale 1:144)
Corgi Boeing 707-321 (Pan American World Airways) (N412PA) (1965) ((Pan American) (Jet Clipper) (Empress Of The Skies) (N412PA) (PANAM)) ((White, Black, Blue, Silver And Red)) (The Aviation Archive) (Civil And Military Aviation Collection) (Classic Jetliners) (Scale 1:144) (AA32906) (8 07903 32906 7)
Corgi Classics Douglas Dakota (DC3) (BEA) ((British European Airways) (BEA) (G-AMFV)) (Silver, Red, Blue, White, Black And Grey) (Includes Official Minatare Corgi) (Scale 1:144) (1st Issue) (47104) (The Aviation Archive) (Charting The Course Of 1948 – 1963 Aviation History) (0 32435 47104 9)
Corgi Classics Lockheed Constellation (USAF) ((United States Of America) (USAF) (0-80608)) (White, Silver, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Grey And Purple) (Scale 1:144) (1st Issue) (47506) (The Aviation Archive) (Military) (Includes Offical Minature Corgi) (0 32435 47506 1)